Czar Energy Solutions has a great selection of gas fireplaces.

When selecting a gas fireplace your options are an insert that would be installed into an existing masonary fireplace or a direct vent unit which can be installed into a wall of an existing home or new construction.

The inserts have many options such as size of viewing area, heat output , surround styles, interior backing panels, decorative door options, logs for a more traditional look verses glass for a more contemporary feel. The best advise would be to come into the showroom to envision our burning units in your home. To save time, your measurements would be helpful… width, depth and height should be available so we can decide which unit would work in your opening. A gas fireplace insert will have a blower that allow the heat to circulate into a room. It is an easy and great way to add warmth and ambiance to your living space.

E33 shown with low profile Vignette faceplate in Black.

Direct vent gas units are purchased to create a fireplace in a home that does not have an existing masonary fireplace.They are easily vented vertically or horizontally out of the home. There are many options in direct vent units in size, (popular sizes are 36 inch or 42 inch), louvered looks which has metal vents on top and bottom or clean face looks that have mostly all glass visible, decorative door and blower options, heat output, surround styles, glass or logs interiors and back panel looks.

Gas stoves which are freestanding are available in contemporary and traditional styles.

The heat output varies on the different sizes that are available to the consumer. They can be conveniently installed on a straight wall or in a corner vented horizontally or vertically. What a beautiful statement to add to your home visually and functionally.

Gas logsets are available as vented or vent free options and vary in 18, 24 or 30 inch widths.

We display vent free logs in our showroom as they are popular because they are 99% efficient losing no heat out of your flue. Vented logs set are also available with a greater btu output …which would give your fireplace a larger flame but the only stipulation is that your damper has to be permanently pinned open so heat would be lost continuously out of your home. The White Mountain logsets have many options…log looks, on/off switch, on/off remote, or a thermostatic remote. Come by so we can show you them burning!

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There are many options to choose from.

Come by so we can show you them burning!
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