Pellet stoves have a great reputation for being a constant heat source.

In New England our winters are long and people who are away from their homes enjoy coming home to a warm home. Unlike wood, pellets can be loaded once in the day and once at night to give a continuous burn and provide warmth throughout your living space.

The options are freestanding wood pellet stoves or pellet stove inserts that can be inserted into your existing masonary fireplace. Blowers are included in both options and are great way to circulate the warm air throughout your home. The varieties in each unit would be the hopper size which can vary from 48 lb to 85 lb which would hold either one 40 lb bag or 2 bags.

The hopper size is important in deciding which unit would suit the needs of the family lifestyle. The larger the hopper size the longer you could be away without filling it. Units also have manual control boards verses electronic control boards, self cleaning burnpots, various ash size drawers and traditional or contemporary looks.

Pellet-burning appliance rely on sophisticated computers and circuit board to determine the amount of fuel that should be burned.

They use a forced-air system to distribute the heat. Pellet units are highly efficient and have minimal pollutants. The BTU’s range from 10,000 to 60,000 per hour.

Pellet units have many moving parts and therefore require regular service and cleaning in order to function correctly. We recommend a weekly cleaning of the burn pot and ash pan and a yearly cleaning of the overall unit along with the venting. If you neglect to service the unit, it will simply quit working with problems such as a stuck auger, clogged exhaust, faulty circuit board or switch.

Pellet bags are typically sold in 40 lb bags which average about $4 to $6 a bag, which tranlates into about $260 to $330 a ton.

Research early on what pellets are available and whether they sell them by the ton and if delivery is included. Bags can be stored in a dry area so be prepared to have enough on hand for your winter season.


Pellet appliance sales has been on the rise due to word of mouth of family and friends on how warm their home feels during long periods of frigid temperatures.

Stop by our showroom and we can show you variety of options. It is a great investment that will curtail your heating costs.

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