Blaze King Sirocco 25

When it comes to wood stove efficiency that means two things. One is that the stove generates minimal pollutants and conforms to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards. Blaze King wood stoves far exceed EPA requirements. For a wood stove to be truly efficient, it must also burn less fuel and heat for longer. Blaze King wood stoves provide extremely long burn times and phenomenal heat production. Overall, Blaze King stoves burn up to a third less wood than our competitors stoves and with no heat loss. That means you spend less time, money, and effort chopping, hauling, stacking, moving, and loading wood for your stove. It also means less ash.

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The Sirocco 25 is a medium sized fireplace insert. At 2.3 cu. ft., the firebox will take up to a 22″ log and can deliver warmth for up to 25 hours on low. The Sirocco 25 is very clean and efficient and can heat from 800 – 1,800 sq. ft. This flush insert extends to only 2.6 inches from the face of the fireplace to the door opening, helping to keep hearth protection to a minimum. The door features a large, 24″ x 11″, wide-screen glass viewing area with a nickel plated and hand made olive-wood door handle. Attention to detail is evident from the layered surround panel to the unique control system that allows you to select the heat you want.

  • 40,000 BTU’s
  • 77% Efficency
  • 25 Hour Burn Time on Low

The Sirocco 25 has a flush design with large viewing glass. It features a built-in Thermostat (no electricity required) that allows you to control the heat output by up to 70% and use 33% less wood. Extra-long burn times are achievable, and Blaze King offers a 100% 10-year Combustor warranty.

Additional information

Cord Wood Max BTU

40,000 BTU's


77% (As listed by EPA)

Constant Heat output on High

29,966 BTU's/hr up to 8 hours

Constant Heat output on Low

9,589 BTU's/hr up to 25 hours

Square Feet Heated

400 – 1,600

Average Heating Time

8 to 13 hours

Potential Burn Time on Low

25 hours

Emissions (grams/hour)

0.9 g/hr

Firebox Capacity

2.3 cu.ft.

Flue Size


CO Weigthed Avg (g/mm)

0.41 g/min

Minimum Fireplace Opening

29” wide x 22” high x 19” deep

Mantle Clearance

20” from top of door opening


325 lbs. / 147.4 kg

Firebox size D x W1 (W2) x H

163/4” x 20½” (18”) x 10”
(W2 = at front of firebox, W2 = at back of firebox)

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